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Server status in the storm (Posted 11-19-2012)

I assume you are getting every bit as much of the storm as we are in Bandon. I am hopeful that we can get through this with out losing power. In anticipation of this being a stormy winter (with last few being pretty quiet)  I recently purchased a backup generator (yup, been going without for all these years). Have not had an opportunity to test everything yet though.

If we do loose power, hopefully no one will even notice.

Bad Batch of QR Codes (Posted 06-25-2012)

It has just come to my attention that an update to the “Change My Listings” page program resulted in the mls number being dropped from the link in qr codes downloaded on the page.

If you have downloaded any qr codes between June 18th and June 25th, you should delete them and download new codes for those listings.

I’m sorry if this has caused you any problems.


Site Updates (Posted 08-04-2011)

I have been spending most of my time the past 4 days installing site update, killing bugs and responding to visitor feed back about the updates. So far the feedback has been very positive.

If you haven’t noticed, the main update has been the new detail page. The new page has larger photos (600 x 400), [more ...]

New Form Fields (Posted 01-09-2011)

Last weekend I uploaded new forms with some new fields. I wrote this post and then did not file it under the RWRE Members category so it would show up on the login page. Better late than never I guess.

At the top of the new listing forms you will see Foreclosure, Bank Owned, Short sale [more ...]

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